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Discover fireplace luxury with Manor’s Nordic Log Holder in black steel. Efficient design, timeless style, and ample storage for logs and kindling.

Nordic Log Holder


Elevate Your Fireside Experience With The Manor Nordic Log Holder

Introducing the Manor Nordic Log Holder, a sophisticated and functional addition to your fireplace ambience. Crafted from robust steel and finished in a stylish matte black, this log holder seamlessly blends durability with timeless elegance.

  • Efficient Design For Maximum Storage
  • Logs and Kindle, Neatly Stacked

Designed with both practicality and aesthetics in mind, this Log Holder features two shelves, offering ample space for stacking logs and kindling. The thoughtful arrangement ensures a tidy display, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate both form and function.

  • Log Holders Beyond The Ordinary
  • Storage and Kindling Shelves

Our log holders go beyond the call of duty, providing large storage areas for logs and dedicated shelves for kindling to enhance your fireplace experience. The Manor Nordic Holder stands out as a must-have accessory for any woodburning enthusiast.

  • Precise Measurements For Perfect Fit
  • Tailored for Your Space

Measuring at a height of 59cm, width of 28cm, and depth of 25cm, this Log Holder is meticulously sized to fit seamlessly into your space. Its compact yet capacious design ensures that it not only complements your fireplace but also efficiently serves its purpose.

  • Experience Fireplace Luxury In Your Home
  • Manor Nordic Log Holder: Functionality Redefined

Elevate your fireside experience with the Manor Nordic Log Holder—a fusion of robust craftsmanship, efficient design, and enduring style. Embrace the warmth and convenience of neatly organized logs and kindling, all within arm’s reach. Make a statement with this essential fireplace accessory that transcends the ordinary log holder.

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