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Find your perfect stove

Are you in search of the perfect fireplace or wood-burning stove for your home, but finding it challenging to navigate through the options?

Use our handy quiz to find the perfect stove for your home

Our user-friendly quiz is designed not just to match you with the ideal stove but also to calculate the optimal heat output for your specific room. We understand that your comfort is not only about warmth but also about aligning with your unique style and design preferences.

How does it work? Simply input your room’s measurements and insulation type below, and our stove size calculator will provide personalised recommendations for the ideal log burner tailored to your home.

Insulation Types:

  • Poorly Insulated: Primarily applies to homes built before 1950 or spaces with multiple draughts and minimal insulation.
  • Moderately Insulated: Typically, homes built in the 1990s and equipped with double glazing.
  • Well Insulated: Indicates modern, airtight homes built after 2008, meeting stringent heating standards.

Let us guide you through the process of finding not just a heating solution, but a fireplace that perfectly complements your lifestyle and aesthetics. Begin your journey to a cosier home today!

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