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Solid Fuel Accessories

Explore our comprehensive selection of Solid Fuel Accessories, designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your fireplace or stove. From versatile Fire Baskets to efficient Solid Fuel Kits, elegant Fire Fronts, and sturdy Fire Grates, we offer everything you need to elevate your heating experience. Browse our range to discover high-quality accessories crafted for durability and style, ensuring optimal performance and visual appeal for your fireplace or stove setup.
  • Bowed Fire Grate Kit

    Bowed Fire Grate Kit


    Maximise heat output and minimize smoke with our durable cast iron Bowed Fire Grate Kit. Available in 3 sizes for versatile fireplace compatibility.

  • Classic Guardette Fire Grate

    Classic Guardette Fire Grate


    Upgrade your solid fuel fire with the Classic Guardette Fire Grate. Durable cast iron construction. Available in 40cm and 45cm widths. Get yours now!

  • Curved Fire Grate

    Curved Fire Grate


    Discover the durable Curved Fire Grate, essential for solid fuel fires. Available in 40cm and 45cm widths, it ensures efficient heat generation.

  • Regent Fire Grate

    Regent Fire Grate


    Upgrade your solid fuel fire with the durable Regent Grate. Available in sizes of 40cm and 45cm, it’s the perfect choice for reliable performance.

  • Solid Fuel Basket for Wood Burner


    Discover the Snug Solid Fuel Basket for your wood burner. Create beautiful fires with coal and logs. Perfect size and design for cosy evenings. Get yours now

  • Valencia Fire Grate

    Valencia Fire Grate


    Discover the Valencia Fire Grate: robust cast iron construction, multiple widths available. Enhance your solid fuel fire with durability and efficiency.

  • Victorian Fire Basket

    Victorian Fire Basket for Fireplaces


    Experience timeless elegance with our Victorian Fire Basket. Crafted for coal and logs, it’s the perfect addition to any fireplace. Available in black or polished.

  • Victorian Fire Grate

    Victorian Fire Grate


    Upgrade your solid fuel fire with the Victorian Fire Grate. Durable cast iron construction, available in 40cm width. Essential for efficient combustion.

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