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Ash Buckets and Hods for Fireplaces

Elevate your fireplace with our range of stylish and practical Coal Buckets and Hods! Crafted for effortlessly fetching coal from your bunker and storing it near your open fire, our selection boasts various shapes, sizes, and finishes to align with your unique taste and decor scheme. Featuring a convenient-lipped design for easy coal pouring onto your fire, these versatile containers double as storage for small logs and kindling, catering to every fireplace enthusiast’s needs. At Cosy Fires, we offer a diverse array of Coal Buckets and Hods, ensuring you find the ideal match to enhance your fireplace and impart a touch of sophistication to your living area. With our premium-quality offerings, enjoy a warm and inviting atmosphere without compromising on style. Explore our collection today and discover the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics
  • Ash Bucket for Fireplace


    Discover the Manor Ash Bucket for Fireplace – a stylish and practical solution for storing and transporting ash. Available in Cream, Galvanised, Grey, and Olive.

  • Ash Carrier for Fireplace

    Ash Carrier for Fireplace


    Simplify fireplace maintenance with Manor’s Ash Carrier. Suitable for open fires and stoves, it eliminates mess, making ash removal effortless.

  • Cambridge Traditional ‘Helmet’ Coal Bucket


    Discover the vintage charm of the Cambridge Traditional ‘Helmet’ Coal Bucket. Hand-hammered for authenticity, available in black or pewter. Practical and stylish.

  • Cathedral Traditional ‘Helmet’ Coal Buckets (Set of 3)


    Elegantly crafted Cathedral Traditional ‘Helmet’ Coal Buckets – durable, stylish, and perfect for solid fuels. Enhance your fireplace with practicality and timeless design.

  • Dorset Fireplace Coal Hod

    Dorset Fireplace Coal Hod


    Elevate your fireplace with Manor’s Dorset Coal Hod. Strong, stylish, and practical, with various finishes available. Perfect for traditional charm.

  • Dudley Fireplace Coal Bucket


    Keep your fireplace stocked with coal in style with the Dudley Fireplace Coal Bucket. Strong, high-quality, and convenient.

  • Fireplace Coal Bucket

    Fireplace Coal Bucket


    Enhance the ambiance of your fireplace with the Fireplace Coal Bucket, and explore other matching items available separately to complete your fireplace setup.

  • Flanders Fireplace Coal Hod

    Flanders Fireplace Coal Hod


    Enhance your fireplace with the durable Flanders Fireplace Coal Hod. Practical and stylish, available in Black, Brass, and Pewter. Shop now!

  • Henley Fireplace Coal Hod


    Discover the practicality and elegance of the Henley Fireplace Coal Hod by Manor. Made from durable materials, available in Black & Brass or Black & Pewter.

  • Kindling Fireplace Bucket

    Kindling Fireplace Bucket


    Store logs stylishly with our Kindling Fireplace Bucket range. Available in various sizes and colours. Enhance your fireplace ambience today!

  • Milton Fireplace Coal Hod


    Enhance your fireplace with the vintage-style Milton Coal Hod. Practical, durable, and attractive, perfect for storing logs, coal, or kindling. Available in classic black.

  • Salisbury Fireplace Helmet Coal Bucket

    Salisbury Fireplace Helmet Coal Bucket


    The Salisbury Fireplace Helmet Coal Bucket: A durable and stylish solution for storing fuels. Complements traditional fires perfectly. Diameter: 22cm.

  • Sherborne Fireplace Coal Hod


    Upgrade your fireplace with the Sherborne Fireplace Coal Hod. Practical and stylish, with double handles and tapered tops. Available in classic black.

  • Suffolk Fireplace Coal Hod

    Suffolk Fireplace Coal Hod


    Store and transport solid fuel with ease using the Suffolk Fireplace Coal Hod. Durable, stylish design in black with brass handles. Perfect for any fireplace setup.

  • Sussex Fireplace Coal Hod


    Enhance your fireplace with the Sussex Coal Hod from Manor. Practical and elegant, available in Black and Copper. Perfect for storing solid fuel.

  • Warwick Fireplace Helmet Coal Bucket


    Elevate your fireplace ambiance with the Warwick Fireplace Helmet Coal Bucket. Practical and ornate, available in Black & Brass or Black & Pewter.

  • Waterloo Fireplace Coal Bucket

    Waterloo Fireplace Coal Bucket


    Effortlessly maintain your fire with the classic Waterloo Fireplace Coal Bucket. Convenient handles for easy scooping and pouring. Diameter: 33cm.

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