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Woodburner Fire guards

At Cosy Fires, we prioritise the safety of your home and loved ones while ensuring the enjoyment of your open fire remains uncompromised. Our extensive range of premium fire guards is carefully crafted to safeguard your living space. Made with fine mesh material, our guards effectively contain sparks and embers, ensuring a worry-free fire experience. For comprehensive protection, we recommend fully enclosing your fire opening. Our collection offers a variety of guards in different shapes, sizes, and finishes to suit your preferences and requirements. Whether your style is traditional or modern, we have the perfect solution for you. Sit back, relax, and let us assist you in finding the ideal fire guard to enhance your fireplace and provide peace of mind for your home.
  • Arc Fire Guard

    Arc Fire Guard


    Elevate your fireside safety with the Arc Fire Guard by Cosy Fires. Stylish protection from sparks and hot ash for open fires and wood-burning stoves.

  • Balmoral 3 fold Fireguard

    Balmoral 3 fold Fireguard for Fireplace


    Protect your home in style with the Balmoral 3-Fold Fireguard. Elegant design meets functionality. Safeguard your fireplace today.

  • Stove Fire Guard

    Bar Nursery Fireguard


    Ensure child safety around your stove with the Bar Nursery Fireguard. Sturdy steel, black finish, and wall-fixing kit included.

  • Bullrush Fire Guard

    Bullrush Fire Guard


    Transform your fireside with the Bullrush Fire Guard by Cosy Fires. Safety meets artistic excellence for log burner stoves.

  • Classic Bow Fireguard

    Classic Bow Fireguard


    Ensure safety and style with our Classic Bow Fireguard. Available in silver or black, in sizes 61cm x 61cm or 76cm x 76cm. Perfect for any fireplace!

  • Classic Gothic Arch Fireguard


    Ensure safety without compromising style with our Classic Gothic Arch Fireguard. Made in the UK, it offers elegance and protection for your fireplace.

  • Classic Single Fireguard


    Ensure safety and style with our Classic Single Fireguard. Essential protection for your fireplace, available in various finishes.

  • Classic Slope Fireguard


    Ensure safety and style with our Classic Slope Fireguard. Essential protection from sparks with timeless design. Available in various finishes.

  • Classic Wedge Fireguard

    Classic Wedge Fireguard


    Ensure safety & style with the Classic Wedge Fireguard. Essential protection for your fireplace. Available in various finishes & designs.

  • Cotswold Fireguard


    Protect your traditional inset fire with the Cotswold Fireguard. Arched frame & distinctive banding add elegance. Available in 2 sizes.

  • Curved Fireguard

    Curved Fireguard


    Ensure safety and style with our Curved Fireguard, available in black and silver. Various sizes accommodate any hearth, adding protection with elegance.

  • Dynasty PLUS 3 Fold Fireguard

    Dynasty 3 Fold Fireguard


    Protect your fireplace with Manor’s Dynasty 3 Fold Fireguard. Stylish in black, it ensures safety from sparks while enhancing your living space.

  • Dynasty 4 Fold Fireguard

    Dynasty 4 Fold Fireguard


    Enhance your fireplace with the Dynasty 4 Fold Fire Screen. Timeless elegance meets functionality. Available in black, brass, and pewter finishes.

  • Dynasty PLUS 3 Fold Fireguard

    Dynasty PLUS 3 Fold Fireguard


    Upgrade your fireplace with the Dynasty PLUS 3 Fold Fireguard. Simplified design meets durability and style. Available in black, brass, or pewter.

  • Dynasty PLUS 4 Fold Fireguard

    Dynasty PLUS 4 Fold Fireguard


    Enhance your fireplace safety with Manor’s Dynasty PLUS 4 Fold Fireguard. Crafted for durability and elegance, it offers reliable protection. Shop now!

  • Extending Nursery Guard

    Extending Nursery Fire Guard


    Protect your little ones with our Extending Nursery Guard. Versatile, durable, and stylish, it offers full coverage for fireplace safety. Easy to install and store.

  • Leaves Fire Guard

    Floral Leaf Design Fireguard


    Enhance your fireside sanctuary with Leaves Fire Guard by Cosy Fires. Stylish protection from sparks for wood-burning stoves and open fires.

  • Fourline 3 Fold Fireguard

    Fourline 3 Fold Fireguard


    Keep your fireplace safe and stylish with our Fourline 3 Fold Fireguard. Featuring an attractive design and easy transportation handles.

  • Harlequin Fireguard

    Harlequin Fireguard


    Enhance your hearth with the Harlequin 1-Panel Steel Fireplace Screen. Combining safety and style, its elegant design complements any decor.

  • Malvern Fireguard


    Ensure safety with the Malvern Fireguard. Robust yet elegant, it keeps sparks at bay while adding sophistication to your fireplace. Buy now!

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