ECO Certifications

Key Points:

  • Objective and independent certification scheme for emissions and efficiency.
  • Verification for both emissions and efficiency, aiding informed consumer decisions.
  • Compliance with Ecodesign Regulations, surpassing minimum requirements.
  • Different levels of ClearSkies certification indicating enhanced performance.

All ClearSkies certified appliances are Ecodesign Ready and qualify for SIA Ecodesign Ready certification.

For more information, visit the ClearSkies website.

HETAS Cleaner Choice

HETAS Cleaner Choice Product Approval Scheme focuses on setting higher industry standards and promoting the cleanest burning biomass and solid fuel appliances.

Key Points:

  • Independently proven to meet stringent emissions criteria.
  • Exceeding Ecodesign and Defra Exemption requirements.
  • Achieves a 50% improvement on particulates against recognized requirements in UK Smoke Control Areas.
Defra Approved
SIA Eco Design Ready

DEFRA Approved

A Defra approved stove refers to an SE (smoke exempt) stove compliant with the Eco Design 2022 initiative, part of the response to the DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) Clean Air Strategy. This government-backed and European-wide program aims to significantly enhance air quality and reduce pollution and emissions.

Eco Design 2022 is a comprehensive stove industry response designed to meet the Clean Air Strategy’s goals. It aims to set strict regulations for stoves, ensuring they contribute to improved air quality and reduced emissions. Starting from 1st January 2022, only stoves compliant with Eco Design 2022 will be legally sold and installed within the UK.

Key Aspects of Eco Design 2022:

  1. Regulation of Polluting Fuels:

    • A major focus is on restricting the sale of polluting fuels. This involves controlling the burning of wood, where the type and moisture content significantly impact emissions.
    • Legislation aims to limit the use of wet or inappropriate fuel, promoting fuels with less than 20% moisture content, preferably seasoned hardwoods. This helps enhance stove efficiency and reduce emissions.
  2. Stove Efficiency Improvement:

    • By 2022, all solid fuel stoves must achieve at least 80% efficiency and comply with stringent emissions criteria.
    • The Stove Industry has been actively working to meet the set targets and criteria, resulting in significant efficiency improvements and reduced emissions.
  3. Legislation Update and Smoke Control Zones:

    • Eco Design 2022 aims for a cohesive national approach towards Smoke Control Zones, intending to provide councils with more authority to implement consistent and effective regulations.

Compliance Details:

  • Only stoves complying with Eco Design 2022 will be legally sold and installed within the UK from 1st January 2022.
  • Stoves that bear the SIA ECO Design Ready logo already comply with these stringent regulations.
National Forest Pledge

Capital Stoves and the National Forest

For every Capital Eco Stove purchased, a contribution supports the National Forest, aiding in woodland habitat creation and reducing the carbon footprint.

Key Points:

  • Partnership with the National Forest for environmental sustainability.
  • Impact on growing woodland habitats and benefiting the environment.
  • National Forest’s initiative in combating the climate emergency.
  • Capital Stoves’ commitment through donations for every Eco 2022 Stove sold
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