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Store firewood in style with Manor Shepton Log Basket. Rustic willow construction, tapering sides, and wooden handles. Optional liner available.

Manor Shepton Log Basket


A sturdy and practical solution for storing your firewood. Crafted from durable willow, this log basket features tapering sides, wooden handles, and a robust woven border, adding a rustic charm to your space.

With dimensions of 36cm in height, 55cm in width, and 46cm in depth, the Shepton Log Basket offers ample storage space for your logs while maintaining a compact footprint. Its free-standing design allows for easy placement near your fireplace or wood-burning stove, ensuring convenient access to firewood when needed.

For added versatility and protection, a liner is available for the Shepton Log Basket, providing an extra layer to keep your logs contained and your basket clean.

Upgrade your fireplace or hearth area with the Manor Shepton Log Basket, combining functionality with rustic elegance for a cosy ambiance in your home.

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